Goose chase

“You!” she bellowed

And so the chase was on. Across a mall, across a playground, across an overdimensioned parking lot, across a well-watered urban lawn – the chase crossed them all. But then, inevitably, she caught up with him, and the gig was up

The giggle, on the other hand, was just about to begin. She knew he was ticklish beyond belief, and nothing brought her more joy than bringing the giggle to life. The fact that he was far larger than her four year old self did not matter – she only had eyes for the chase

Laughing, he lifted her affectionately and carried her back to the others. This silly goose had been caught


Staying on target

The date did not go well. Not only did he open up by making an elaborate distinction between Marxism and Leninism, he then kept going about how we should not overlook the merits of Maoism in our attempt to stay current. The he launched into a monologue about

She was not above admitting that she zoned out at this point. Indeed, they both seemed to be in the zone at that moment, albeit quite different ones. At length, he seemed to reach some sort of conclusion

“…and that’s how a real revolution takes place”

“That’s nice dear”, she said absentmindedly,  thinking about how to best end this relationship before it began

Healing process

Being sick sucks. She had arrived at this conclusion after a lengthy empirical investigation, including a lot of sneezing. It would all end at some point – so everyone told her – but until then it would continue to suck. Something about getting worse before it got better

One of the changes brought about by this bout of sickness was that Pixel, resident cat and documented loner, had started to nap on her. At first, she had been too weak to lift him off, and now it was too late. She was his official napping spot

This is how things are now

The difference remains

Temporary solutions sure have a way of becoming permanent, he thought as he looked at the piece of furniture. After having asked around, it was clear that it stood where it stood because it had been placed there whilst moving in, and no one had moved or touched it ever since. One person claimed it had been placed in that one spot in order to make it easier to get the beds to and – as it turned out – fro

The weight of years overcame him, and he did what had not been done for so long. He made a difference

There is no justice in poetry

It annoyed her. “It” being all the small things he did without thinking. A gulping noise here, a breathing sound there, a creak in the floorboard when there should be none. She had not considered that someone could stand wrong, but he did it, and that on the reg

The only thing worse than his presence, she thought resignedly, would be his absence. Love doth make fools of us all, and make us insist that the madness continues with full force. Lest it becomes worse

Love is being annoyed by another person, and insisting on it. She’d tell him, later, when he was slightly less annoying

The hyacinth girl

They said it could not be done, but she’d done it. They had described this patch of land as an arid, desolate waste, impossible to cultivate and more the fool those who made the attempt. But she had persevered, using in equal measure her deep stubbornness and even deeper knowledge of ecological cycles, and now hyacinths grew as if this had been so since time immemorial

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust indeed”, she murmured as she surveyed her accomplishment. Truly, Mars himself had cause to fear her botany powers

Death of the author

“No poetry”


“No poetry this time”

“No poetry”

“Now you get it”

“What brought this on?”

“Last time. That’s what brought this on”

“Ah yes, of course”

“And no creative rewording, either”

“This just keeps getting more and more difficult”

“And no elaborate descriptions of related activities”

“This cannot possible escalate any further”

“It’s a shopping list. One would think there’d be nothing to escalate. Nevertheless, you managed”