A crowning achievement

It had been A Day. It begun even before it began, with an oversleep not quite long enough to be catastrophic, but severe enough to cause a non-zero amount of stress. Then the tram arrived three minutes early, meaning it’d be a wait for the next one. At work, a shipment had been misplaced, meaning a third of everything was out of stock. This came into full effect when no less than three literal busloads of schoolkids on their way to a soccer tournament descended upon the place and wanted – you guessed it – those very things. On top of it all, some sort of audit or inspection happened, which meant every five minutes some obscure question had to be answered, preferably with polite professionalism

It had been a day. But now it was over, and there was only one comfort food strong enough to unwind from it all. It was time for the one and only

Calzone sushi


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