Setting the agenda

New Year’s Eve. The last day of a decade. The activities of this day will serve as a template for the decade to come. An argumentative day would make for an argumentative decade, and so on. For big things, the course of action was clear: leave nothing unfinished and be surrounded by friends. For the smaller things, however

This outfit or that? This song or that? This drink or that? Would the levity of the one match the brevity of the other? So many choices, so many implications, so many everythings

At length, she figured that there were arguments for everything, but none against anything in particular. Having thus cut through this last bout of indecision, she was ready to face the new decade, come what may

A sacred geometry

He was home. It had been a long day, and there were still some ways to go with it, but for now, for right this instant, he was home. And home meant taking a nice couch nap

He had barely situated himself on the couch before a meowing figure hopped onto him and formed a geometrically perfect rectangular sphinx. It defied ever notion of spatial possibility and – worse – it actively prevented him from taking a picture of this small miracle

“You would be the one to do this” he said affectionately

“Meow” the rectangle replied with pleased crypticality