Sounds familiar

His feet ached. He had walked all day, following some vague instinct brought about through a particular shading in the early morning light; with certainty, he had felt that this was a day for walking, following the whims of winds and fancy. Some of the places he ended up he had seen before, some not; mostly, the seeing happened from a new angle, from the perspective of spatial relations newly uncovered

Alas, the abstract infinite wanderlust eventually gave way to the slightly more finite, concrete aching of feet. Seeking someplace to rest, he spotted a church with its doors open. Some sort of service seemed to be going on inside, propelling his mixture of curiosity and ache. Sneaking a seat in the back, he sat and let the choir wash over him

In his peculiar state, he felt connected to something. Suddenly, the world seemed slightly larger than it had just that morning

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