Death of the author

“No poetry”


“No poetry this time”

“No poetry”

“Now you get it”

“What brought this on?”

“Last time. That’s what brought this on”

“Ah yes, of course”

“And no creative rewording, either”

“This just keeps getting more and more difficult”

“And no elaborate descriptions of related activities”

“This cannot possible escalate any further”

“It’s a shopping list. One would think there’d be nothing to escalate. Nevertheless, you managed”

One thought on “Death of the author

  1. Taco components:
    Good tortillas, de maíz bien sûr
    Diced white onion
    Chopped cilantro
    Queso cotija
    Hot sauce
    Green apples (5)
    2L local Spring water
    1 bar local chocolate, dark
    1 bottle local red wine
    1 oz. local cannabis

    Sorry, you said no poetry


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