Dat learning curve

The computer was ancient. A relic. Truly an artifact from the past. There were museums more recent than this hunk of hardware. Yet, somehow, it still worked, by some miracle of the technological gods

He knew that he only had a short window to introduce it. Too soon, and it would be forgotten in the mists of early childhood. Too late, and DOS computing would no longer be something the kids had done as kids. Now was the moment to teach them the Old Ways

By means of helpful introduction, he told the kids not to touch the dot dat files. From the blank looks on their faces, he realized that this was probably not the most obvious starting point of the learning curve

One thought on “Dat learning curve

  1. He incanted Dr. Octagonecolegyst (Rap, 1996, 65:48) to play as background music using the musical software incantation service du jour and restarted:

    “Ok…so when a code and a datum love each other very much and they want to make an interface…”


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