It was late. So late, in fact, that the late bus was further away temporally than the early bus. This presented a dilemma: patiently traverse the distance between late and early, or walk home

As he walked, he noticed that the buildings looked different in the absence of people. It was as if the architecture could speak freely, its design and intentions laid bare. The intention of this particular neighborhood was clear as day – it was the embodiment of a socially engineered dream, the different parts fulfilling different specified functions. There was an order to it, as predetermined as the bus timetable whose beginnings and ends he was now keenly aware of

Love, in so many words

“Is this the point where you tell me you can’t live without me, that I am your everything, that I fill some hole in your soul, something about undying love, etc etc?”

“If that was what I was gonna say, it’d be said rather quickly, I gather. But it isn’t that. In fact, all those things are the opposite of how I feel”

“How so?”

“Well, see, I’m pretty sure I could do pretty well without you. Very sure, in fact”

“This is unexpected”

“But I don’t want to do without. Things would be much more interesting with you around”

“I prefer this to the undying love routine, to be honest”