The world spirit

Today was a mood. A good mood. So good, in fact, that she decided to walk to the lecture today. To be sure, it would take an additional hour to get there and another one to get back, but it had been a while since her last anabasis and, gosh darnit, she was in a good mood. A brisk walk would be quite the thing

As soon as she had walked out the door, the first glimmers appeared. Not dramatically, just shimmers floating on the sunlit air, one at a time, like cosmic blinks. Soon enough, the first snowfall of the year began in earnest

It leaves

Summer was most definitely over. Despite the remaining warmth, even the most ardent of summer spirits would have to admit the evening darkness brought about by daylight savings is a definite sign that autumn hath arrived

Secretly, she liked this part of the year. After dark, the streetlights made beautiful shadowplay on the leaves still remaining on the trees. There was this one particular path where trees and streetlamps interlaced, causing an ever shifting pattern of light and dark whenever the wind rustled. It was not the shortest path between anything, but she managed to end up taking it whenever possible