Cloud computing

We were on campus, and had just left a heady seminar on reflexive methodology, when a peculiar sight greeted us: snow glittered everywhere in the rare midday sunlight, blinding and astonishing in equal measure

And then: birds. a whole swarm of them, mobilized by the sudden snow, clustering around a tree with red berries. We stood and watched as the twittering, fluttering cloud devoured each and every berry within minutes, then whooshed away in search of more noms

Big and small

He put the thing on the table, with great ostentatiousness, and proclaimed proudly:

“Halloween lemons”

The reaction was not as excited as he had anticipated, despite the finely crafted attributes of the lemon’o’lantern. As the silence grew ever more awkward, someone finally spoke:


“Well, you see, Halloween is all about the pumpkins. This is kinda beside the point for us, seeing as we have a lemon farm. So I thought – Halloween lemons!”

In the midst of this discourse, the local beloved cat jumped up on the table and unceremoniously bapped the lemon to the floor, causing a rather small squish. Being thus illuminated on both the upsides and the downsides of the concept of Halloween lemons, another voice spoke up:

“I think we are going to need a bigger lemon”