Forever falling short

It rained.

They looked at the rain. Then at each other. Then at the rain again.

They knew that they had to go. That the world outside was waiting for them, and that they very soon would be late for it. But they also knew that the rain was of the short, intensive kind, and that if they but waited for a moment, it would pass. Moreover, they knew that if they waited, they would have that much longer of a moment together.

They waited.

Applied theology

It was a surprise visit, and as such there were few preparations for it. Things usually done in preparation for the arrival of visitors were not done, and using words such as “messy” wouldn’t be out of place. In fact, it would be very much in place, much to the anxiety of the recently awoken resident. Surprise visit or no, the visitor was still a friend, and as such let in through the door, into the undisturbed natural state of things.

Upon noticing, the visitor friend only nodded, spoke the words “here too the gods reside”, and then moved on to more interesting topics.

Last call

As the credits started to roll, everyone started to leave. Everyone, that is, except two particular cinema goers. Sitting a few rows apart, they made a concerted show of not leaving, albeit whilst also letting people pass. It was something they had come upon independently, somehow, the notion of staying put until the final words of the credits had scrolled past. They had very few actual reasons for it, yet they persisted. And, seeing as there were no post-credits scene this time around either, they too started to leave.

They nodded wordlessly at each other, acknowledging a peer among strangers, then walked on home.